Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Outfit Of The Day - Leather & Fur

Dress - Primark
Fur Gillet - Thrifted
Leather Jacket - F&F
Bag - Thrifted
Studded Boots - Topshop
 A quick outfit of the day as I haven't done one properly for a while! Had a family day out to break up a week of hardcore revision, determined to nail these exams!! Finally sorted my student finance etc, uni is starting to get real (Bexeter ahhhh). Considering that it's nearly June, it's flipping cold - hence why I'm wearing a million layers. But I am cold like 24/7, maybs I've got issues?

Valedictory Dinner

Black Lace Dress - Topshop
Peach Heels - Sole
This was my outfit for my end of school valedictory dinner. It was such a good eve with such good people in a beautiful venue! I was given this dress for christmas which I've been waiting to wear for aaaaages, and bought the heels in the Jan sales. They're ridiculously high, like 5 inches, which makes me SO tall (talking giant level) but they're amaze so I can deal. Painted my nails this bright turquoise from Barry M, and wore Chanel Chance (which only comes out on special occasions seeing as I'm a poor student)...